About Null@Root

Null@Root is a group of IT security analysts / professionals / researchers / hobbyists in South Korea.

Who we are

You can find the list of every members in Members page.

What we do

Yes, we do something! 🙂

Capture the Flag

We (ir)regularly participate CTF(Capture the Flag)s.


Of couse, we regularly recruit new members.


Yes, we do some researches. But, there’s no ‘specific’ category or subject. We do what we like to do.


We share our knowledge with others. ‘Others’ means our members and also means someone who sees same direction.

Something for Fun

We can do what we want to do.

What we don’t

Nah.. we don’t do..

Illegal stuff

We don’t do anything related illegal stuff. Oh, wait. don’t we? 🙁

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